Search: Quiz 34 (Fall 2017)

For some of the following questions, more than one choice might be correct, i.e., accurately reflect some aspect of the texts we are studying. In those cases the value of the responses may range from one to three points. You will receive credit for selecting any of the correct answers but to receive a perfect score of fifteen for the quiz, you will have to select the answers that most fully or accurately completes the sentence and captures the significance of the question.


In the Song of Solomon or Song of Songs the lovers compare each other to a number of animals or their individual physical attributes to those of animals. Which of the following is not one of the animals they mention?

The poem refers to a number of places. Which of the following do the personae loquentes not mention?

The lovers mention or describe various parts of the body except

The personae loquentes mention members of a family. Which of the following does not appear in the poem.

Who goes looking for the lover in the city?