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For the following questions more than one of the choices may be correct. In those cases, one answer is ultimately better than the others. You will receive credit for selecting any of the correct answers but to receive a perfect score of fifteen, you will have to select the answers that most fully or accurately capture the significance of the question.


The second sura, "The Cow," takes its name from

The followers of Muhammad are to face Mecca during prayer and make pilgrimages to Mecca

During the Battle of Badr, Muhammad

With regard to the gains of battle, according to sura 8, "Battle Gains," how much belongs to Allah "and the Messenger, to close relatives and orphans, to the needy and travellers"?

The followers of Muhammad conducted a ghazu, "raid," against the caravan of Abū Sufyān, which was on its way back to Mecca from Syria, because