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For the following five questions, more than one of the choices may be correct. In those cases, one answer is ultimately better than the others. You will receive credit for selecting any of the correct answers but to receive a perfect score of fifteen, you will have to select the answer that most fully or accurately completes the sentence and captures the significance of the question.


Theoclymenus, the son of Polypheides "whom Apollo gave / the best prophetic skill of any mortal," joins Telemachus and his crew as they sail from Pylos back to Ithaca. This Theoclymenus

First to recognize Odysseus in spite of his disguise as a beggar without the assistance of the gods is

In response to an act of kindness Odysseus (still disguised as a beggar) warns one of the suitors who seems "intelligent" about the imminent return of Odysseus and suggests that he return home because "there will be blood." This suitor, who "saw / the danger in his mind," was

Athena inspires Penelope to appear before the suitors and then "gave her gifts of godlike power / to make the men astonished when they saw her." The goal of this appearance was for Penelope to

Autolycus, Anticleia's father, gave Odysseus his name which means