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For each of the following questions, select the answer that most fully or accurately completes the sentence or answers the question and captures the significance of the question. In some cases the responses may range in value from zero to three, and for others more than one response might be worth the maximum of three points.


According to the account of Jesus' life attributed to Matthew, shortly after Jesus birth

According to Matthew's biography of Jesus, which is the correct order of events as Jesus began his teaching:

The narrative of Jesus' life attributed to Matthew begins with a geneaology that traces Jesus' lineage from Abraham through David to Joseph. The biography attributed to John begins

Scholars refer to the gospel attributed to Matthew along with those attributed to Mark and Luke as the synoptic gospels because they all appear to draw on common sets of stories that circulated about the life of Jesus. Although John is not one of the synoptic gospels, it still contains a number of events that parallel what you read in Matthew. From the list of events below, identify the one on which the account of Jesus' life attributed to John and the one attributed to Matthew differ.

The biography of Jesus attributed to John describes a number of instances that illustrate the aspects of the relationship between Jesus and Peter. Which of the following does NOT appear in John's narrative