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For the following questions more than one of the choices may be correct. In those cases, one answer is ultimately better than the others. You will receive credit for selecting any of the correct answers but to receive a perfect score of fifteen, you will have to select the answers that most fully or accurately capture the significance of the question.


Augustine was ambivalent toward his teachers because

Augustine stole the pears because

Which of the following developments as depicted in the third book of the Confessions was most significant:

Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet 8.31-37

"Hear me, O Elder's of Uruk, hear me, O men!
I mourn for Enkidu, my friend,
I shreik in anguish like a mourner.
You, axe at my side, so trusty at my hand—
you, sword at my waist, shield in front of me,
you, my festal garment, a sash over my loins—
an evil demon(?) appeared and took him away from me!"

The above quote would apply to Augustine's friendship with:

Epicurus' "Letter to Pythocles" (Diogenes Laertius 10.97)

And again, we should grasp the orderliness of the cyclical periods [of the heavenly bodies] [as happening] in the same way that some of the things which also happen in our experience [occur]; and let the nature of the divine not be brought to bear on this at all, but let it go on being thought of as free from burdensome service and as [living] in complete blessedness. For if this is not done, the entire study of the explanations for meteorological phenomena will be pointless, as it has already been for some who did not pursue the method of possible explanations and so were reduced to pointlessness because they thought that [the phenomena] only occurred in one manner and rejected all the other explanations which were also possible, and so were swept off into an unintelligible position and were unable to consider together the phenomena which one must accept as signs.

The above quote would apply to Augustine's friendship with: