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For the following questions more than one of the choices may be correct. In those cases, one answer is ultimately better than the others. You will receive credit for selecting any of the correct answers but to receive a perfect score of fifteen, you will have to select the answers that most fully or accurately capture the significance of the question.


The beast Dante sees in Canto XVII has

In Canto XVIII, Jason is being punished for

The scenes of dread in Canto XXIII remind Dante of

The Navarrese, who was a servant in the household of King Thibault and who eluded Grizzly and Hellken causing them to fight and fall into the boiling pitch, occupies the Fifth Bolgia ("Pouch") of Malebolge (the Eighth Circle of Hell) for which of the following crimes

What Greek hero does Dante encounter in the Seventh Bolgia?