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September 11 @ 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Philadelphia.Twombly.1978.Fire    Philadelphia.Twombly.1978.Priam

Fifty Days at Iliam by Cy Twombly

The Fire that Consumes All before It (H: 300 × W: 192 cm)
House of Priam (H: 299.7 × W: 379.7 cm)
Oil, oil crayon, and graphite on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia


Iliad 13-16

Topic of Discussion

For today’s discussion, the class will divide into three groups, each with a topic to discuss. Each group will have ten minutes to present their findings, and then there will be five minutes for the rest of the class to ask questions or make comments. The ἐπιτάτης for the day will have to manage the time and keep the discussion on track. The members of each group should communicate with each other in advance of the colloquium, so they can take full advantage of their time to present their ideas and get perspectives from the other members of the colloquium. They should also be prepared to participate actively in the discussion of the other groups’ views. Here are the groups and the topics:

  • Group Orange: Brittany, Townes, Roma, Tim, and Alex
    Topic: In Iliad 14, Hera seduces Zeus to allow some of the gods to enter the fighting on behalf of the Achaean forces. How does this episode contribute to the views you developed about the dynamics of power among the immortals for the discussion on Monday, October 13? More generally, do they alter your views about the relationships between women and men, which you developed for the colloquium on October 10?
  • Group Grape: Gray, Danh, Connor, Gunnar, and Dan
    Topic: In despair, Agamemnon considers a withdrawl of the Achaean forces in Iliad 14.64-81. This represents the third time that Agamemnon has suggested a retreat. How is this instance different and similar from the earlier ones. How does Odysseus’s response compare with that of Diomedes in Iliad 9.
  • Group Cherry: Anjali, Drew, Tank, and Kylie
    Topic: In Iliad 16, Patroclus assumes the identity of Achilles. What is significant about this action? How do the events in Iliad 16 correspond to the story of Meleager in Iliad 9? How do they contribute to our understanding of Achilles?


September 11
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
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