Humanities 102 (Spring 2019)


In Humanities 102 the study of the human condition continues, beginning with an exploration of Epicurus’ philosophy as transmitted in the work of Diogenes Laertius, a biographer most likely from the 3rd century CE. Through engaging with challenging and controversial texts that have shaped and reshaped the thinking and culture of Western societies, participants in the course will again discuss and consider the basic questions and problems related to our experiences as human beings. Ultimately, the goal of this sequence of courses is to make the familiar unfamiliar by examining critically the logical and historical foundations of received opinion and texts and make the unfamiliar familiar by studying traditions, artifacts, and issues that one may not have encountered before. Furthermore, Humanities 102 will continue work on developing skills that are central to the whole curriculum at Rhodes College: careful reading, critical thinkings, analytical writing, and expressing one’s views clearly and respectfully in conversations with others.

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